The Dutch Maids Color-Coded Cleaning System



The Dutch Maids Color-Coded Cleaning System combines superior microfiber technology, designed to dislodge and grab fine particles and oils in the crevices and grain of the surfaces in your home, with a color-coding system that eliminates cross-contamination, improves performance, and leads to a cleaner, healthier home.

Simply put, our professionals only use:


  • RED for bathrooms,
  • BLUE for the kitchen,
  • YELLOW just for floors
  • And, GREEN for dusting.

Regular cloths, rags, sponges and pads cannot reach into tiny pores and indentations, which are invisible to the naked eye and harbor dust, dirt, grime and odor-causing bacteria. Conventional cleaning tools often just redistribute dirt and dust without actually removing it from surfaces while leaving behind chemical residues and bacteria, and creating more work!

Color-Coded Cleaning

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Color-coded microfiber towels ensure that there will be no cross-contamination from one part of your home to others.

Lab tests show that microfiber cleaning cloths reduce surface debris and lower bacterial levels by over 96% and microfiber allows us to reduce the harshness and quantity of the cleaning products we use.

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Products & Equipment


The equipment we use are some of the most advanced cleaning tools.

Our brand-name cleaning products are as safe for your kids and pets as they are tough on dirt and grime!

We use Windsor and ProTeam vacuums which are recognized as the leaders in performance, efficiency and cleaning power!

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(For Your Commercial Cleaning Needs We Recommend: Holland, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio.)