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Over 90 Years of Hard Work and Tradition


Recognizing a need for professional, high quality home cleaning services in the Greater Toledo area, the VanderVlucht family combined more than 90 years of commercial experience and purchasing power and formed Dutch Maids.

Our combined knowledge and attention to detail results in the best residential cleaning solution available anywhere, at any price.

Dutch Maids Employees

We work in Solo teams and teams of two or three uniformed, insured, bonded, and dedicated professionals who are assigned to your home Daily. We try our best to accommodate each home if they find they have a cleaner they love!

Solo Cleaners arrive in their own car, distinguished by our blue Dutch Maid Uniforms. All other crews arrive in a Company Vehicle, clearly labeled with the Dutch Maids logo.

All our employees undergo background checks, personality profiling, and drug testing. We are fully insured and bonded and treat your Home or Business as our own.


The Dutchmaids Difference


The Dutch Maids supply all cleaning products and equipment to clean your home. We are confident that all of our products are the safest, most effective cleaners we can bring into your home.

We test and evaluate the cleaning products we use, and are proud to use products that are not only safe for your children and pets, but are also safe for the environment.

The Dutch Maids Color-Coded Cleaning System

The Dutch Maids Color-Coded Cleaning System combines superior microfiber technology, designed to dislodge and grab fine particles and oils in the crevices and grain of the surfaces in your home, with a color-coding system that eliminates cross-contamination, improves performance, and leads to a cleaner, healthier home.

Simply put, our professionals only use:

  • RED for sinks and showers.
  • ORANGE for toilets.
  • YELLOW just for floors.
  • BLUE for kitchens.
  • PURPLE for dusting.
  • WHITE for windows.

Regular cloths, rags, sponges and pads cannot reach into tiny pores and indentations, which are invisible to the naked eye and harbor dust, dirt, grime and odor-causing bacteria. Conventional cleaning tools often just redistribute dirt and dust without actually removing it from surfaces while leaving behind chemical residues and bacteria, and creating more work!

What Our Clients are Saying About Dutch Maids

"I wanted to write and compliment the lovely job the ladies did at my house. When I saw one of the ladies cleaning the shoes on the doll in my living room, I knew I picked the right service. All the woodwork and countertops were sparkling clean, as were all the flooring and furniture. I highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a fine cleaning service." — Marilyn, Sylvania
"Tell the ladies who cleaned by house that I LOVE THEM!!! My house looks so nice – too bad we have to live in it and mess it all up. Maybe I should take pictures of what it looks like today so that I can remember my house in its prime." — Carrie, Perrysburg
"We absolutely loved the job that your girls did and it was so nice to come home to a clean house and we were able to spend the little extra time we had together eating dinner instead of rushing around to get other things done." — Chad & Jeanette, Toledo
"I would like to say that the cleaning this week was fantastic and your team is doing a great job. I want to thank you for the service this year and look forward to continued help next year." — Matt, Toledo
"You have a wonderful team and they have been doing a great job; you don't know how much of a lifesaver your services are for me!" — Melissa, Sylvania
"Please thank the ladies for me. The house looks amazing AND they found the missing boot!!!" — Jodi, Maumee
"I can't thank you guys enough for how wonderful my house looks! Places were clean that I didn't even realize how dirty they were until I saw them clean! You guys are wonderful & Thank you so much!" — Kelly, Point Place

Superior Equipment and Training Leads to a Cleaner, Healthier home.

Dutch Maids uses top quality vacuum equipment in your home. These vacuums ensure that even the smallest particles of dirt get picked up and trapped in the bag. Dutch Maids procedures ensure that your home stays as clean as possible.

Professional House Cleaning Certification

uprightISSA Residential membership provides a vibrant professional community and strives to be the competitive advantage for residential cleaning companies by delivering valuable tools, content, education and certifications, networking, and commercial opportunities. Additionally, we are the leading voice of the profession by advocating for government policies that align with our members’ needs.

Windsor Sensor® Upright

uprightThe Windsor Sensor Upright makes use of a 1.6 hp vacuum motor to pull even more dirt from your carpet before its high efficiency filtration system traps 99.6% of contaminants 0.3 microns or larger for improved indoor air quality. This machine is the standard for efficiency and effectiveness. It is the perfect combination of power and precision to get even the tightest corners of your home as clean as they can be.

Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths

clothMicrofiber is one of the most important advancements in cleaning technology. During the manufacturing process, fibers are repeatedly split until they are up to 30 times finer than typical cotton fibers. These microfibers are then knitted into soft, pliable cleaning cloths that are packed with tiny filaments that trap soil, remove bacteria, and absorb moisture for streak-free cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We carry complete liability coverage. We will treat your home with great care. If an accident should occur and something is broken, we will make every effort to repair it, or if necessary replace it. Your team will leave a note explaining the situation and our office will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.